Friday, 29 April 2011

Best companion,,,

Alhamdulillah,satu sudah,tinggal 4 lagi,

ronda2 jap terbc artikel bout the best companion  ----->>from
huu..agak terkesan bc artikel ni,esp time2 exam gini,

its phrase " an integral part to gaining tranquility of the heart is to be mindful of our surroundings and the people we spend most of our time with"
n dgn sape yg plg byk kite spend masa skrg??
studying @ having a group discussion,till late at night, sumtime till early monin..(esp during exam week,,huu.)
most of our frens will ask,
"eh,dah wat past year x?"
"awak dah habis study ke?"
" awak faham x soklan tu??"

tp,skit je yg tanye..(jap,ade ke yg tanye ek?!,(**)
"eh,dah solat isyak belum?"(in case study till late at nite)
"dah wat slat hajat blum?"
"dah kol mak ngan abah ke gtau esok exam?"

mencintai shbt krn cintaNya..

it also written that
Good friends who prioritize their relationship with Allah will help us on the spiritual path. It is easier to pray and to do our everyday acts of worship because we have company to help us. Even when we face difficulties, these friends will support us; ultimately they will remind us of Allah during these tests and help us to rely on Him. No one is perfect, and this is why it is important to be around people who want to improve themselves, and in the process will help you to improve yourself too. Ibn Hazm stated: “Anyone who cares about your friendship is willing to criticize you, while those who make light of your faults show they do not care.”
teringat achik,to one of my dearest,my beloved fren:
Nur Hayatun Sabariah
 >>she's d one who really hold my hand tightly,never let me astray from His path.,durin my national service (PLKN) at Beringin Beach Resort,Langkawi yg agak x terjaga ikhtilatnya,suasana yg agak kurg menyenangkan,she's d one yg wat achik mampu bertahan n 2gether v create a better environment,yang lebih diredhai Allah(insyaAllah),,thanx very much fren for wake me up every monin for Qiam,remind me for alwayz reciting Al-quran n sharing d knowledge,n alwayz accompanying me to surau,,i'll never 4get d moment v r 2gether..seriously,achik amat2 terharu coz she bravely willing to walk all alone from her B dorm to my G dorm,at early monin(kem yg dikelilingi bukit2 n pantai),sentiasa ingatkan achik untuk muhasabah diri,. i miss her so much!!
i'll never 4get d moment v r 2gether,n also our promise,n 4 alwayz lend ur shoulder for me,achik anggap dia as a 'kakak' coz she is matured enuf than me.:P..uhibbuki fillah.<<

*so far i still cant find sum1 dat can wake me  4 qiam evry day like she did..:(
*but,i'm grateful 2 have my AB's now,mg ukhuwwah kita diredhai ALLAH...:)
*to have a good fren,start by being urself  a good fren to others too..(peringatan buat diri)

differences unite us,coz v cmplement each other,juz like ink n printer,, my AB's:P

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